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Providing education and courses in osteopathy and manual medicine; consultancy for research, assessment design and credentialling; expert witness services;  and professional support and mentoring services


College of Non Musculoskeletal Osteopathy

Formalised assessed training, leading to internally validated 'PGCert' style qualifications offered by this private College established  by Caroline.

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Education and Training

General CPD for osteopaths and others, variety of manual medicine topics covered. Face to face and ONLINE options.  NB all courses and options on this site ar for osteopaths only - and to organise something separately for your professional group, please get in touch!

Topics include: Pain, biomechanics, mechanical problems -  as well as visceral, paediatrics, respiratory care, speech, obstetrics, mens' health, womens' health and much more....


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Visceral and Obstetric Association

CPD, professional support and networking, subscribe to access lots of resources applicable for those working in the visceral and obstetric fields

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Visceral Clinic London

Caroline is planning a Visceral Referral Clinic in London.  For private patients, and also for osteopaths who are seeking a second opinion / further clinical insights for their patients.

Further information available shortly.

General Patient Clinic

Caroline is now seeing patients in Bingley, Yorkshire.  Click here for details.  

She will shortly be opening a clinic in Ireland.

Please note:  

Having been a registered osteopath for over 30 years, Caroline has now voluntarily withdrawn her registration with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Under the Osteopaths Act 1993 she is no longer able to use the title 'osteopath' for her UK healthcare practice. 

If you have previously seen Caroline as an 'osteopath' please note that her clinical title is now 'Health Practitioner' and you can no longer claim for 'treatment by an osteopath' through your health insurance company.

Caroline remains passionate about osteopathic principles to healthcare and she continues to trains osteopaths in the care and support of patients across the lifespan, from infants, new mums, to those with complex needs.

Please note: any courses or topics shown here or any other website or social media forum relating to Caroline / her other professional activities does not indicate a claim for treatment efficacy for any particular condition or presentation for patients considering attending Caroline's Clinic.

OPIS Project

Osteopathic Public Information Service

Promoting Osteopathy and its benefits must be done in accordance with regulatory standards and in line with evidence-based practice.

Caroline has conceived this Project - the Osteopathic Public Information Service Project (OPIS) which aims to research an information framework for approaches to practice in various patient presentations, and to develop a user friendly interface for the public which highlights osteopathic hypotheses /  approaches, care plans and so on, and critically analyses them,  determining what levels of evidence are currently available for each patient category or various conditions or problems patients often seek help for.  Some conditions discussed in the framework may be illustrative -ie to indicate what evidence areas are below current advertising thresholds - so that patient considering care for conditions other than those noted by the Advertising Standards Authority, can be better informed regarding the evidence. 

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Whatever your training or professional support needs, we may have a unique solution - contact us to request a topic if you don't see what you need. Bespoke training also available in your local clinic.