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Excellence in Global Osteopathic and Functional Manual Medicine Education

Caroline's perspectives on many aspects of osteopathic pracice

Please note that the blog entries here are not a claim for clinical efficacy, and are discussions about the potential contributions of osteopathic practice. 

The Fujiwara commentary - uterine peristalsis!

15 September 2020

This piece of research is really interesting - it is images of uterine peristalsis and uterine movement from respiratory influence.  In my commentary I discuss the palpatory perspectives that this film inspired in me. This commentary is my own personal opinion, based on what osteopathic came to my mind when I looked at this film, and the film is taken from the website below, and was able to be freely downloaded.  The original film remains copyright to the author, but my commentary is my own, and is not representative of the authors views, those of the publishing platform, nor any of the original research team or funders (if any) or that of other contributors to the article in discussion. 

Please check back for some comments on the diaphragm

15 September 2020

Please check back for some comments on adhesions

15 September 2020