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Excellence in Global Osteopathic and Functional Manual Medicine Education

All Things Fluidic.

This is a new series of topics - lectures on fluids highlight all sorts of interesting things - whether it is for vascular, lymphatic, serous, CSF, body cavities, or interstitial / fascial considerations.

Is the rule of the artery supreme?

Is the heart a pump or a suction machine.

Is venous flow a more important determinant of posture than proprioception?

Is light touch lymphatic work valid?

What lymph pumps where?

CSF - involuntary mechanism not necessary for a practical approach to its dynamics

Is peritoneal / pleural fluid more important to ANS tone than CSF?

If sliding surfaces are compromised what impact is there in the bones?

Want to know the answers - come to this series of lectures in 2020 - dates TBA!

Try out the technique workshop days  - second block, 29 Feb / 1 March 2020 - where some of the techniques from this series will be showcased.  

See the techniques only page for details.